The S trucks are a very popular vehicle for engine swaps of all kinds. Since our specialty is with these trucks, there are many variations offered to install a fuel injected Chevy small block engine in any year truck. Below you will find a list of years and options that will make a bit of difference in the harness, as well as some information you will need to help make better decisions for your swap. Please be sure and read the extra information supplied in each year for certain things that you may or may not be aware of. When disconnecting the stock vehicle harness, all you will need to do is unplug it from any connections at the firewall, fenders, and anywhere else that a connector may be. The new harness should simply plug back in to any connectors, there should be no reason to remove or replace anything from the inside of the vehicle in most cases. Things YOU will need to know.


Priced way below similar cars. I have too many projects and I’m running out of time. Frame off restoration was completed 8 years ago and has been driven very little since.

Find CHEVROLET L/ CHEVY SMALL BLOCK GEN I MSD Ignition Distributors and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! CHEVROLET L/ CHEVY SMALL BLOCK GEN I MSD Ignition Distributors. You Have Selected. Display Options. Pro-Billet Tach Drive, Magnetic Trigger, Mechanical, Vacuum Advance, Chevy, Big/Small Block, Each.

You can see by the inset that the old pinion gear was pretty badly chewed up. After some checking back and forth between the spare starter and what I had assembled, I had Wildflower’s starter back together and ready to install right. I set about getting it back in place. Thirty minutes later I was no closer to getting it in and was saying bad words.

Yes, even worse than ‘Triumph’! It took just the right angle to get the starter out, and I will have rediscover that angle to get it back in. I have cleaned up and am going to give it another shot later this week. It is one of a series of ‘favourite motor car stories’ published in , and tells teh story of a ‘Mr. Greyhair’ who has gotten too old to drive, and must pass his TC along to a collector.

Rather interestingly, the hero of the piece is a Model A Ford, while the villain is a modern Rolls. I think I was more offended that the drawing of ‘Mr. Greyhair’ looked a lot more like me than that of the young mechanic! I need to get Wildflower’s starter together – I have been holding for a new MGB exhaust donut to augment the flat copper exhaust manifold gasket, but have it on hand now.

Wiring and Interior Installation: C3 Corvette Restoration Guide

This Elite was stored every winter and was bought in California in , no rust and maintenances were done on a regular base, mechanic A1. The grooming conversion was completed in Van body has white paint and dimensions are 9 feet tall and about 20 feet long. Has insulated fresh water tank that holds 65 gallons and grey water tank that holds 45 gallons. Van also has extreme climate insulation package and a rear heating system for salon area. Van powered with inverter battery pack.

First, you have to determine the torque output of the engine, since the gearboxes are rated by this number. Horsepower rating is important too, but torque is what will eat your clutches up or otherwise snap parts within the unit.

Battery Wire Size and High Output Alternators When upgrading to a higher output alternator you should always install a larger wire between the alternator and battery. Even with a standard output alternator you will get better performance and life out of your alternator if you upgrade the main battery wiring. The original wire just isn’t large enough for proper power transfer. If you are using your alternator to it’s maximum output or when you upgrade to a higher output Alternator you must increase the wires size.

An alternators ability to send the power it is making to the battery is directly related to the wire size and quality of connection between the alternator and battery. Also, a wire that is to small when used on a high output alternator can cause the power to back up within the alternator making it overheat, burn up and fail.

Dakota Digital: New OBD II Interface Connects To ECM

Are you looking for good advice about sailboats and yacht equipment and systems? Why not invest in one of my sailing yacht books? It will save you money and valuable time.

The electronic ignition exchange in a Ford is a little more complicated than the Chevy conversion, because you will need to do some more wiring to get the distributor to fit into your Ford vehicle. Once you have located the correct distributor, you should also purchase the appropriate control module.

I have had this auto stored for over twenty years awaiting restoration and believe it has been under cover all of it’s life. I have most of the very interesting history of this rare auto. It is believed that five of this model came into British Columbia in Total produced was With creeping age, and circumstances has made it impractical for me to continue this restoration. So, I’m looking for a good home for this special auto.

Please call for further details –

Installing Holley’s Sniper EFI Is An Easy Task, And You Can Do It Yourself

Issues I had to deal with: The old mounts will not bolt up to the V8. I had to use the V8 mounts from the original vehicle.

A tachometer is usually found on the dashboard of a car, but you you can buy a separate one to measure your engine’s rpm if needed. If your Chevy engine has a broken tachometer you can connect a new one in your vehicle.

There are a large number of modified vehicles that no longer use an ECM engine control module to oversee the emissions and performance parameters of their vehicles. Because of this, the pre computer-controlled type HEI distributor is often used; it is a relatively cheap, stand-alone unit with good to very good performance potential, and has a good track record for durability and reliability.

A computer controlled HEI distributor work basically the same as a non-computer controlled HEI except for the lack of a mechanical or vacuum advance mechanism some early versions did use a vacuum advance ; the ECM determines the advance curve electronically. The only other change you can make in the advance curve is to manually advance the base timing usually worth a little HP by itself. This is not a bad thing, it leaves funds available for parts that WILL make the car faster!

If you have disconnected the 4-wire ECM connector going in the side of the distributor or the wiring between the ECM and the distributor is damaged there will, again, be no advance and the check engine light will come on. Yes, you can remove a computer controlled HEI and drop an old-style mechanical advance distributor in its place; it will physically bolt right in.

But it will cause the ECM to throw a code the check engine light will be illuminated because the ECM senses if the computer-controlled portion of the distributor is functioning every time you start the engine. To run the engine efficiently without the ECM, sensors, and related equipment fully functional, the distributor and carb need to be replaced at the least. It’s simple, easy to tune, and plenty powerful to light off any naturally aspirated engine up to RPM if properly equipped.

But it does have its limitations and it has a few built-in design flaws- or “compromises”- like most any mass-produced part that has a limit on how much cost the manufacturer can justify. All carbureted GM engines in cars built from to about ’75 and trucks from back use this type HEI distributor.

Adding console gauges and tach for 69 Camaro

The two instruments that Corvette drivers pay the most attention to are the tachometer and the speedometer. The tachometer lets you know how the engine is performing. An inaccurate reading can lead to major problems such as rods and pistons exiting out of the side of the block. A speedometer that isn’t working correctly can lead to an up-close and personal visit with a highway patrolman.

Let’s face it, neither of these two problems is an enjoyable experience.

You want to end up with ~” (no less than “) on a Chevy distributor; some engines like the Olds need to have the end play adjusted differently. Take the measurement of the gap and subtract ” from it, the result is the shim thickness needed.

As is common in automotive manufacturing, the sophomore model of any production vehicle is often a carryover from its inaugural year, with the changes occurring to correct for errors in the initial design — errors that are often identified as the result of feedback from both the automotive media and consumers alike.

This was definitely the case for the Corvette. The exterior door handles were changed from the conventional door grip with thumb button to a single-piece door lever that was depressed as the door was gripped during opening. A new headlight washer system was introduced and the windshield washer jets were relocated to the wiper arms. The hidden wiper system, which allowed the wiper blades to be concealed when not in use, was further complicated for the model year when engineers introduced an override switch to the system that allowed the vacuum-operated panel to be left up during freeze conditions.

The wheels were again increased in size — from 7 inches to 8 inches. Lastly, optional side mount exhaust pipes RPO N14 and side fender chrome vent trim inserts RPO TJ2 were introduced which, like the Stingray nameplate, were probably the only other notable characteristics that would help differentiate the and model years. It also featured steel-reinforced body sills, door hinge pillars and lock pillars, plus lateral steel cross-member integrating front pillars.

Dead Tachometer after installing Pertronix

How to Connect a Tachometer to the Chevy By Amanda Harrell ; Updated July 30, A tachometer is a tool which measures speed in revolutions per minute, or rpm, at which an engine shaft is rotating. A tachometer is usually found on the dashboard of a car, but you you can buy a separate one to measure your engine’s rpm if needed. If your Chevy engine has a broken tachometer you can connect a new one in your vehicle. The process is fairly straightforward if you have basic auto repair knowledge.

Instructions Mount the tachometer above the steering column or on the dashboard of your vehicle using the supplied hardware and tools recommended by the manufacturer. Run the wiring of the tachometer from the vehicle’s interior to the engine compartment.

New for The all-new Jeep Compass has been completely redesigned inside and out. The crossover features a new engine, new transmissions, new all-wheel drive systems, and new infotainment and.

If you still think you might have an issue, or if you have a question, please refer to this page. In the following topics, we will help you troubleshoot any possible problems and provide helpful technical tips for our products. If you have purchased one of our products and have a question or encounter a problem not covered here, please email us at info performancedistributors. This problem can be easily prevented if the proper precautions are used.

Bottoming of the distributor usually occurs when engine work such as the block, heads and intake have been milled. This will allow the distributor to sit farther down in the engine. The best method for checking the distributor to find out if it is bottomed, drop the distributor in the engine with no gasket. Also, make sure the cap and rotor have been removed for this test. Firmly hold the distributor against the intake with one hand and with the other, pull on the top plate of the main shaft.

Make sure you grab the top plate where the weights and center cam are riding.

How to install a Tachometer on 1984 Chevy Truck

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